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Responsible pet owners have more fun! Let’s make our community better, and our earth cleaner 2 Scoops at a time. Share an image or helpful tip with us and it could end up here, on our Gallery:

why scoop the poop? The truth about dog waste. What's the big deal? dog waste is an environmental pollutant. two or three days worth of waste from a population of approximately 100 dogs can contribute enough bacteria to temporarily close a bay and all watershed areas within 20 miles to swimming and shell fishing. Dog feces are common carrier of: heartworms, whipworms, hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, parvovirus, giardia, salmonella, e.coli.
Bend a little pick up a lot, pick up pet waste to reduce the bacteria in our water. Pick up after your pet!
ever leave poop behind? dog waste is a threat to the health of our children- degrades our town-transmits disease. Leash and clean up after your dog, it's required by law. dog poop can contain parasites and diseases that are harmful to humans. Pick up after your pet.
Do not allow of leads to approach on leads! If your dog is being attacked lift the back legs of the attacking dog off the floor. It can't attack on it's 2 front legs.
Invasive species alert, crap rabbit, turd free trails, want to start yoga? start by bending over and picking up your dog shit know as the downward dog position then put it in a bin. scoop2 poops or litter. Pick up after your pet.
Notice to all dog walkers, these two lovely ladies (cows) are bramble and vanity. Sadly, and in spite of notices all around this field, someone who has walked their dog here has left dog poo for the cows to pick up. as a result, they have lost their calves to neospora, and have been infected for life. They have had to be culled/put to sleep/euthanised/slaughtered or whatever you wish to call it pick up after your pet.
pick up litter after your critter. Why does it matter? rain and snowmelt washes dog waste into our storm drains that connect to rivers and lakes without treatment.what you can doo. Pick it up, pitch it, your own yard too. Dog waste can spread pathogens that can be transmitted from pets to humans. Keep it clean. scoop2.
Pet fire safety. Know the facts, be prepared, protect your pets. Tips for preventing house fires: remove or locl the knobs on your stove. don not leave candles unattended. pet-proof your home. beware of water bowls on wooden decks. ... July 15 is national pet fire safety day.
what are you not picking up your dog shit? I'm a kerk, I dont care about this area of the community, i'm lazy, mummy still cleans up after me. Don't be a tosser, pick up your dog shit and rubbish. Please keep your dog leashed at all times. Max. 8ft, don't forget to stoop and scoop. Share your local stoop and scoop signs with Scoop2! Please pick up after your pet.

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