Pet Waste in the News - Sutera, Pet Waste into Energy

Pet Waste in The News

We are seeing the topic of pet waste in the news more often. Especially with the COVID boom of pets, pet waste is becoming an even bigger issue. Well, everyone poops, so how can we harness this waste and turn it into clean energy? We have some cool videos to share if you are interested in learning more:


Our Friends at Sutera - in ground technology for pet waste - Poop Power:

Poop Patrol - Waterloo ON

Dog Poo to Energy - UK

What about Human Waste?

We hope we have shared some insightful information with you about pet (and human) waste, and that you were able to learn a bit from some of these videos. Scoop2 is proud to contribute to keeping our watershed clean and educate our communities on the importance of picking up after your pet. Sign the pledge today!

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