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How to Train Your Pet to Pick Up Litter

To kick off the New Year we wanted to celebrate! 🎉 There is so much to celebrate, with January being National Walk your Pet Month and Train your Dog Month! While we are not professional pet trainers we wanted to share some other top trainer tips and tricks. So when you’re out walking your pet… […]

Take A Hike in November: The Blue Mountains

November is filled with many fun National holidays, one of them being November 17 “Take a Hike Day”. Since we live in the beautiful Blue Mountains we wanted to share some beautiful local hikes that you and your furry friend can enjoy on Take a Hike Day! The Georgian Trail The Blue Mountains and Thornbury […]

Pet Waste in The News

We are seeing the topic of pet waste in the news more often. Especially with the COVID boom of pets, pet waste is becoming an even bigger issue. Well, everyone poops, so how can we harness this waste and turn it into clean energy?


Tips for Preventing House Fires: 🔥 Lock knobs on stoves – so your pet cannot nudge to stove and ignite a burner 🔥 Don’t leave candles unattended when you leave a room, so a paw or tail cannot tip them over and cause a house fire 🔥 Pet-proof your home! Your fur baby needs pet-proofing […]

Welcome to Scoop2

As you have read on our home page, our mission is simple, we want to create a community of like-minded responsible pet owners who care for the environment and respect our non-pet-loving neighbours. But anyone can be a part of Scoop2! If you are an environmental enthusiast, we want you too! We are committed to helping […]