Why You SHOULD Leash Your Cat

Why you should leash your cat: scoop 2 blog post!

Why you SHOULD leash your cat!

There are two sides to every coin. To leash vs. Not leash. There are definitely people who leash their dogs and people who don’t… but please do! Then there are cat owners who leash and walk their cats and owners who let them free… oh and I guess indoor house cats where they look out their windows all day long. TODAY we want to discuss the importance of leashing your kitty-cat, so here are 5 reasons why you SHOULD leash your cat!

  1. For number one we should start with a number 1 FACT… Cats are the #1 Bird killer according to Richard Elliot, Director of Wildlife Research for Environment Canada. In fact SIOBHAN MCCLELLAND from Canadian Geographic shares “feral and domestic cats are the biggest killers of birds, claiming 196 million lives every year.” (Read his post here). This is a big problem for our environment and wildlife. Ben Spurr from The Star shares that in Toronto, “a city committee has backed a plan that would prohibit cat owners from allowing their pets to roam free outdoors” (Read the full article here) and “90 other Canadian municipalities already have anti-roaming bylaws” (Shelly Carroll).
  1. Cats produce pet waste which is just as harmful to our watershed as dog waste! People may not realize that pet waste is a big issue. That is why Scoop 2 is here to educate YOU and build a community of like-minded people who are responsible for our pets, and the environment. 
  1. Leash training your cat is a great bonding exercise between you and your furry friend! It provides mental stimulation for them through learning a new skill. 
  1. Your home will be cleaner – when you leash and walk your cat you will know exactly where they are, and with that… where they’ve been! No tracing rodent guts from the side of the road inside. See them prance through the mud? Clean their paws as you would a dog! They won’t pick up diseases from eating random things they find, and therefore your vet bills will be lower! Win-Win!
  1. Leashing your cat ultimately protects your pet! After all isn’t that all that really matters? Your cat won’t get into fights with other rodents, cats or dogs etc. We want the best for our pets and that means protecting them and taking care of them properly. People will often opt for a cat over a dog because it requires “less work” as friends and family have told me… When in fact this isn’t true! Being a responsible pet owner is pretty basic – you need to feed, exercise and keep clean/clean up after your pet. I know people who buy a cat and just leave them in the house, their cats are CRAZY! It’s no wonder “fluffy” is tearing apart your couch. I also know people who have let their cats free roam the streets, which has unfortunately resulted poorly… If you don’t leash them they may end up missing or worse…so PLEASE leash your cat! 

December is National Cat Lovers month and because of this we wanted to share another perspective on how you can show extra love to your cat and be a responsible pet owner by leashing your furry friend. We hope you found this article helpful and informative.

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  1. Trish

    Awesome information thank you !

    1. scoop2 Post author

      Thank you for taking the time to read it, so happy to continue to educate our readers.


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