Scoop 2 Superhero

Have you ever dreamed of being a superhero? What about making a difference in the world?! Well you can be a Scoop 2 Superhero every day! Here at Scoop 2 we wanted to call out for super heroes both young and old and teach YOU how to be a superhero so lets dive in, or should we say fly in!

If you Google how to be a superhero THIS is the number one search result. Tip #2 is: know that being a superhero is a mentality and we couldn’t agree more, while we all know that superheros goal is to do good for others, why not do good for our earth?

Be a Scoop 2 Superhero

How can you be a scoop 2 superhero? By picking up at least 2 pieces of pet waste or litter on your daily walk. You can do this on the way to school, on the way to work, a walk with family or friends – who you can encourage to do the same as you!

Part of being a superhero is listening for the call and answering the call… the earth is calling to us when we see trash on the ground. If you are out walking your dog and notice your walking trails have poo-lution, be sure to pick up not only your dogs waste, but any other poop you find on the ground.

Why should I pick up other peoples trash and dog poop?

Try not to think of it as picking up after other people, but rather picking up FOR our earth. Trash and pet waste is the earths nemesis and we need to do everything we can to save our earth! Take the time to properly dispose of pet waste, and sort your recycling. This can vary depending on where you live so be sure to look up how to properly dispose of pet waste or the various litter you scoop.

Wondering what else you can do?

Join the poovement and sign the Scoop 2 pledge, encourage others in your community or around the world to start making a difference… small actions create big change! If you are online follow us @Scoop2Poovement and use our hashtags on your clean ups: #Scoop2 #Scoop2Challenge #JoinThePoovement

Superhero to the Rescue?

May 20th is National Rescue Dog Day – YOU could be even more of a superhero to a pet of your own. Adopt, don’t shop! If you already have a rescue pup, be sure to have them microchipped to ensure if they ever get lost, they will be returned back home. As a pet owner it is our responsibility to look after our pets, including their waste! That is why we encourage pet owners to Scoop 2 – if you see it, scoop it! You’re already out scooping up your own pets waste, you may as well scoop whatever else you see to ensure our watershed is clean and protect local wildlife from problematic parasites and bacteria that our own dogs waste carries.

So dear scoop 2-er you have officially been recruited as a Scoop 2 superhero! It’s time to get scooping, your earth will thank you for it. Want to learn more about Scoop 2? Visit our FAQ or our Home page for more information. Don’t forget to sign pledge! We hope to see you out scooping for your community!

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