How to Train Your Pet to Pick Up Litter

To kick off the New Year we wanted to celebrate! 🎉 There is so much to celebrate, with January being National Walk your Pet Month and Train your Dog Month! While we are not professional pet trainers we wanted to share some other top trainer tips and tricks. So when you’re out walking your pet… why not train your pet to pick up litter so they can scoop 2 with you? Sounds like a great idea to us!

Check out this awesome video on how to train your pet to pick up litter so you can scoop 2 together:

With common commands here is how you can train your pet to pick up litter:

1st – train your pet how to retrieve 

2nd – train your pet to “drop it”

3rd – train your pet to target certain items

4th – leave it command 

Now this may sound simple, but as someone who owned a very stubborn Jack Russel terrier, he never would “drop it” so we didn’t get too far on this list. We hope your pet is less stubborn 😉 So 1, 2, 3 are all crucial, but 4 is also very important because the time may come that your pet goes to collect trash that may harm them and we certainly do not want that. So making sure you teach the “leave it” command should also be added to your list of training. 

It is so cool to watch pets in scoop 2+ action! Check out these furry friends:

Tweets of Dogs shares this smart pup and how his owner trained their pet to pick up litter as they collected litter themselves!

While we do believe you SHOULD leash your cat for safety & many other reasons (check out our last blog HERE) this cat collects 33 Gallons of trash every year! WOW 🐱

While your pet is scooping alongside you, to keep you safe we wanted to share one of our favourite companies’ scooper products!

Doo-doo baggy club has two styles of scoopers:

Scoop 2 recommends Doo Doo Baggie Club to help pick up after your pet and scoop 2!

If you do train your furry friend how to scoop, we’d love for you to share a video or photo with us! You can do so by sending to us via our contact us form (You can submit pictures or videos), by tagging us on your social media post (you can find us on all social media platforms @scoop2poovement, or by sending to our email directly: [email protected]. Happy scooping! 


Scoop2 eliminating dog waste in our environment 2 scoops at a time

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